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Porkless Pie

Posted on 2008/12/04 23:14:05 (December 2008).

[Thursday 4th December]
Today should have been a big day at work - we launched a major component of the system I work on, which had been a pet project of mine since the summer, and had since come to involve a number of other engineers on the team. It even had a slightly daft name which I had come up with, which everyone else had picked up and started using. It was one of the most significant bits of innovation I had contributed to the project this year and was quite a radical rethink of an important part of our system. Alas though, as seems to be the theme for this week, it was a bit anti-climactic. It pretty much worked fine, albeit with a few initial teething problems, but it was a bit hard to get excited about really. None of the long list of benefits of the new approach were particularly flashy or glamorous things, and fundamentally it just achieves something we were already doing, but in a different (i.e. better) way - and from an external perspective the change would barely be noticeable.

Ho, hum. Maybe it is one of those things we'll only really begin to appreciate over time.

Had an odd sort of a dinner. On a whim I popped into Holland and Barrett on the way back from work and bought a "Porkless Pie" - a vegetarian version of a pork pie, with a soya derived substance for the filling. Neither Chie nor I fancied doing any proper cooking so we just had some salad, bread, cheese, and half of a porkless pie each. It was actually quite nice.

Chie has her visa application interview tomorrow. The spouse visa she got when we came back from Japan was just for 2 years, and apparently after that it is necessary to apply for a different type of visa. So we spent this evening checking through that we had all the correct paperwork etc.

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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