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Chancery Lane

Posted on 2008/12/04 23:00:55 (December 2008).

[Wednesday 3rd December]
Adrian (that's my brother in case you're the other of the two people who reads my blog that isn't my Mother) had his work Christmas party thing on this evening, and as it was being held in London he came to stay the night.

Given that his party was being held on Chancery Lane, which also happens to be my favourite area of London, I thought it might be nice for Chie and I to also go out in that area, so that we could all go back together. As it turned out though Chie and I didn't feel like staying out particularly late in the end, so we headed back to the flat first.

Chie and I started off the evening with a quick dinner at one of those vegan Chinese buffet places, and then from there headed to Ye Old Mitre. The atmosphere in there was quite magical as always - one of the few escapes I had this week from my otherwise currently very banal existence... but it was also really quite busy indeed. It is sufficiently cold at the moment that even ardent smokers don't particularly want to stand outside, which may contribute to it being so full inside. After one quick drink there, we headed over to the Whisky Society, but only had the one drink as well, as that was also very full.

It was fairly late by the time Adrian got back, and we were all quite tired, so we didn't really see much of him. Still, it was nice to say a quick hello nonetheless.

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