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Money Won't Make You Happy

Posted on 2008/12/04 22:44:55 (December 2008).

[Monday 1st December]
So, it's December already then. We officially can't complain about the shops being full of Christmas stuff any more.

My Icesave money arrived safely back in my bank account today, which was obviously something of a relief. So that two months of anguish was now officially over.

However, somehow it ended up being a bit of an anti-climax. Getting my money back hasn't made me instantly happy, it turns out. I'm not suddenly rich or anything, and it's all just money that will probably end up evaporating suddenly one day as a deposit on a house. It's kind of hard to get excited about that somehow.

I think I've been heading into another of my malaises of late. At the weekend I felt particularly despondent, and I couldn't even really put my finger on exactly why. I think I probably have that sensation of treading water again - there's no particular goal or objective I'm working towards, and day-to-day life isn't exactly tremendously fun at the moment. I'm in a routine which isn't particularly satisfying or fulfilling and it seems pretty much like it is going to be this from now on for the next 30 years. One is tempted to wonder what the point of it all is.

Well, that was cheery wasn't it?

Made macaroni cheese for dinner, with some stuffed mushrooms on the side. So at least dinner was quite nice.

Comment 1

But, John, whenever I read your blog I think your life looks really interesting! Anyway, "health before wealth"!

Posted by Will in Tokyo at 2008/12/07 13:30:27.

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