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Monkey: Journey to the Waste

Posted on 2008/12/04 22:30:36 (December 2008).

[Sunday 30th November]
I don't really want to dwell on today's main event too much - going to see Monkey: Journey to the West because it was just really, really awful. When we went in and sat down I was really shocked at how bad our seats were, considering the ticket price which was frankly quite astronomical. Whilst we were almost at the front, we were right at one extreme edge of the seating, and could barely see the stage.

The show itself really wasn't that great either, it was quite amateurish in places, there was barely any plot, and the whole thing just seemed to be an excuse to string together a load of novelty circus performers. Yes I'm sure it takes a lot of practice to be able to spin plates like that, but it just doesn't make for very gripping viewing. Especially when you can hardly see the stage.

All of that would have been forgiveable had the tickets been, say, five quid each, but considering the actual price it left me really very, very annoyed.

I now bear a personal grudge against Damon Albarn, and will make it my new life's mission to redeem the money he has stolen from me.

To attempt to cheer ourselves up, on the way back we randomly got off at Southwark, remembering there was a tapas bar on the cut. That turns out to not open on Sundays. So we walked from there, over Waterloo Bridge, and took in the night view along the Thames. That was really quite lovely. And Free. And We Could See Really Well.

From there we walked to Covent Garden, and decided to go to the West Cornwall Pasty Co. place there, with its obviously very fake but still somehow rather charming little upstairs bar. Therein we had a pasty, some chips, and some beer. This also helped me to cheer up somewhat.

So we were able to salavage the remainder of the day, but nonetheless:

Albarn - you owe me money.

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