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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Saturday, Lots of Pubs etc

Posted on 2008/11/30 14:08:23 (November 2008).

[Saturday 29th November]
Chie and I headed into the centre of London in the afternoon, to do a bit of shopping, and with the intention of later on meeting up with our friend Andy.

We also met a colleague of mine in the Jack Horner on Tottenham Court Road to get some spare tickets he had for Monkey: Journey to the West for tomorrow afternoon.

After that Chie and I continued our vague meandering shopping, and I bought myself a new coat. After that we stopped off briefly in the Red Lion, the main reason being it was rather cold and wet outside. This is quite a nice little Sam Smith's pub, tucked away in that little street behind Hamley's. A good one to remember.

Then we headed back to Tottenham Court Road again to meet up with Andy. We started off the evening with a drink at the rather lively Fitzroy Tavern, and from there headed on for dinner at Yoisho on Goodge Street (with a second dinner just for me at Icco, the ridiculously cheap pizza place on Goodge Street, as there wasn't a lot on the menu at Yoisho that was vegetarian). We wound up the evening with a final drink at the One Tun on Goodge Street, apparently a one time regular after work haunt of Andy's.

Comment 1

And how many units of alcohol was that off your daily allowance????

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/12/01 16:31:47.

Comment 2

You don't have to read this you know.

Posted by John at 2008/12/01 16:54:58.

Comment 3

I watched Everybody Loves Raymond this morning - his brother kept two diaries - one he wanted his mum to read, and one he kept in a safety deposit box in First National Bank ...

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/12/01 23:02:39.

Comment 4

Its 21 units a day isn't it ? Also does anyone have a link to Johns real blog ?

Posted by Kev at 2008/12/02 10:54:47.

Comment 5

Kev, I am flattered by the notion that you believe there are things happening in my life which are more interesting than the somewhat tedious reading this blog makes for.

Posted by John at 2008/12/02 11:01:28.

Comment 6

I suppose it is the case with most blogs that you encounter, it is hard to explain, it is both tedious and riveting at the same time somehow!

Posted by Simon W at 2008/12/02 17:38:43.

Comment 7

I don't know about anyone else, but I am practically living my life through Johns Blogs. Perhaps we could set up some kind of text voting system so we can decide which pubs he visits or restaurants he eats at ?

Posted by Kev at 2008/12/02 19:21:40.

Comment 8

Kev, come to London - I'll happily take requests for which pubs to go to etc!

Posted by John at 2008/12/02 20:38:18.

Comment 9

:) maybe we can sort something out in the new year :)

Posted by Kev at 2008/12/03 08:34:44.

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