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Radiators and Diwana

Posted on 2008/11/30 13:45:24 (November 2008).

[Friday 28th November]
We've been having problems with our radiators recently - we didn't seem to be able to turn them off, and sometimes it was very hot indeed in the flat. Yesterday somebody came to "fix" them, but we ended up with two radiators which were now permanently off, not quite what we'd wanted. Oh, and one of them was leaking. So we phoned up several times today and suggested something really ought to be done about it, but it didn't look like anything was going to happen until after the weekend.

Feeling somewhat irked by this, we decided to go out for dinner in the evening, partly just for the sake of going somewhere warm. We didn't have any particularly firm ideas in mind, but somehow ended up getting on the Victoria Line to Warren Street, and on arrival there I thought we should probably go and take a look at Drummond Street, which has an interesting enclave of South Indian restaurants, most of which are also entirely vegetarian.

So it was that we gave Diwana a try, and we were very pleased with it indeed. The food was very reasonably priced, whilst also being varied, interesting, and a bit different from bog standard Indian fare. Chie had a dosa for her main course - a sort of big filled pancake, whereas I kept in slightly more conventional territory with a thali, but a very good thali it was too. We were impressed to find mooli (or daikon as we know it) in some of the dishes - that long white raddish. It is widely used in Japanese cuisine, and whilst I was aware it was also used in some parts of Indian, I'd never had it in any Indian food in the UK before. The dal was also very good, as were the poori, and I even enjoyed the little sweet dish you often get in a Thali - it was almost like a lemon cheesecake. Lovely.

So that cheered us up somewhat, and even better still when we got back home later that evening we found the on-duty engineer had been and managed to get our radiators working again, which was great.

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