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Posted on 2008/11/30 13:22:18 (November 2008).

[Thursday 27th November]
Today was Thankgiving in the US, which made for a fantastic day at work for me - as all of my US counterparts were on vacation. So I had a whole day with almost no interruptions whatsoever, no end-of-the-day sync up meetings, no awkward emails to deal with. It was great - even the London office was very quiet - I guess we must have more US staff working in London than I at first realised, or maybe a lot of people just decided to work from home for the day, knowing that there wouldn't be any of the usual "swirl" to deal with.

I got absolutely loads done, it was very satisfying indeed. I was in the office before 9AM, and didn't leave until after 9PM, as Chie was out for the evening with people from her office, and I was just getting so much done that I didn't want to lose that momentum. Really great.

A fellow colleague was also around until quite late, and suggested we go and find some dinner somewhere around 9:30ish, as by that time the cafe in the office had long since closed. So we trotted along to nearby Oliveto, had a couple of excellent pizzas (yes, I know, I've been eating too much pizza this week) and a bottle of wine.

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