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Not Feeling That Great

Posted on 2008/11/23 11:48:31 (November 2008).

[Thursday 20th November]
I woke up feeling a bit unwell - not, I hasten to add, a hangover of any form (I'd been deliberately quite reserved the previous evening in that respect), but it looks like I'd developed something of a throat cold.

I didn't feel that bad to start off with, so decided to go into work as usual, but my condition deteriorated throughout the day. I was starting to get feverish and couldn't concentrate, I kept making lots of stupid mistakes. Eventually by around 3 o' clock I decided I was potentially doing more harm than good, so decided to just go home.

Had a good old red wine stew for dinner, thinking this sort of hearty food would buck me up, but it didn't seem to make much difference, and I continued to feel worse as the evening wore one.

I think I probably hit the peak of it overnight, I was feverish and spent the whole night unable to get to sleep properly, in that horrible half asleep, slightly delirious state you get in when you have a bad fever. Pretty awful really!

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