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A Very British Leaving Do

Posted on 2008/11/23 11:41:14 (November 2008).

[Wednesday 19th November]
A guy who works on my team was leaving the company this week - going to work for a startup. Whilst Friday would be his last day, it always seems difficult to get people to commit to any kind of post work event on a Friday, so instead it was decided we should go out on Wednesday.

Whilst I wasn't the official organiser, I ended up choosing both of the venues. First, for a few pre-dinner drinks, The St. George's Tavern (all part of my evil plan to install this as our new regular) which again seemed to meet with general approval.

For dinner, I then went out on a bit of a limb and suggested British food - a place called Chimes which I've been to a couple of times now. This too seemed to go down rather well, particularly the fascinating drinks menu, from which we had an interesting mixture - perry, cider, silver birch wine, and finally mead. All in all I was very pleased with it - a bit of a break from the norm, and hopefully a fitting send-off for our departing colleague.

During the course of the evening, I noticed my voice was getting a little hoarse. I initially assumed this was just from having spent the evening speaking constantly, but by the time I got home I realised this was actually the beginnings of a rather unpleasant sore throat.

You'd have hoped the mead would have done something to help prevent that.

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