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The Mitre and The Society

Posted on 2008/11/23 10:45:18 (November 2008).

[Friday 14th November]
Chie went off to her Hiroshimakenjinkai thing this evening. I decided to leave her to it again, and instead stayed late at the office to try and finish off a slightly thorny theoretical problem I was wrestling with.

I finally left the office around 8:30, and didn't really feel like going home, so instead I thought I'd go to my favourite part of London - Chancery Lane - and pop into a couple of my usual haunts. I had a quick pint at the Mitre, and spent a short while there soaking up that magical atmosphere, before then heading round the corner for a visit to the Whisky Society. A new bottling list had recently come out, and I was keen to try some of the new bottlings on offer. Rather predctably I started off with two non-Islay malts which were good but didn't quite hit the spot, and then finished off with a Laphroaig which was fantastic. I guess you could say I'm horribly stuck in my ways, but the great thing about the society is that even if I only ever drank Laphroaig, I could probably have a different single cask bottling every time I visited (assuming I only went once every month or two), and even within this highly recognisable malt there is huge variety to be found.

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