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St. George's Tavern

Posted on 2008/11/13 22:01:11 (November 2008).

[Thursday 13th November]
Not a huge amount to report really. Chie came to my office for dinner this evening, for the first time in quite a while. We really ought to do that more often - you certainly can't argue with the price, not to mention the total lack of effort.

There's a pub - the St. George's Tavern, that I've walked past pretty much every day for the last nigh-on-two-years on my way to work, but for some reason or another have never got round to going in. I think when I first moved to London it was somewhat shabby, and even though it has since undergone a refurbishment, I suppose I hadn't ever really got over that initial impression. A couple of weeks ago though, I'd happened to peek through the window on my way past and thought it actually looked more or less OK. So tonight, on my way back to the flat with Chie, seemed like a good opportunity to actually try it out.

It wasn't too bad, surprisingly crowded considering the fairly quiet area it is in, and it being a Thursday night and everything. They even had live music there - well a guy playing a guitar - and whilst it was a bit too loud for my liking I suppose that was on some level a nice touch. I was surprised to read in the blurb on one of the menus that the pub actually dates back to at least 1840, and had some involvement in the whole music hall era.

So anyway, I was moderately pleased with it, and will probably go back again.

Spent the remainder of the evening back at the flat, on the computer. I finally got my travel pages up to date.

After that I spent some time looking at old London maps, and rather wonderfully, looking around the area where I now live, found there used to be a distillery very near here. This sparked a mildly obsessive bout of local history research which would consume much of the next couple of weeks... (See here, here and here for details)

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