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Saturday with Mum

Posted on 2008/11/12 22:19:34 (November 2008).

[Saturday 8th November]
Mum had a conference to go to in the daytime, which worked out well as I could sleep in late with impunity. I seem to have tricked jetlag on this trip - I slept for a solid 12 hours without even a hint of the usual rude awakening at 4AM.

Chie and I slobbed around the flat for a bit before heading out in the afternoon to do a spot of shopping on King's Road. After a quick look around the market we had a late lunch at the Lebanese restaurant there which was rather nice, and then followed that by a bit more shopping and then a wander around the Saatchi Gallery. I think I have actually come to enjoy visiting art galleries, as long as it is in relatively small doses.

We headed back to the flat towards the end of the afternoon, and met Mum back there.

In the evening we went for dinner at Grumbles, the bistro near where we live, which we'd discovered a few weeks back - I thought it was the sort of place Mum would like. I think it went down quite well. After dinner we crossed the road and went to Chimes for some interesting beverages from their fascinating drinks menu - including silver birch wine, mead, elderflower cordial and gooseberry wine.

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