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Saturday with Junchan

Posted on 2008/11/08 17:33:24 (November 2008).

[Saturday 25th October]
Two things today - first of all, Chie passed her UK citizenship test. I was rather proud of her - it contains a lot of really awkward question which would stump most British people. Chie will have to renew / upgrade her visa at the end of this year, and passing this test was a requirement for that. Fingers crossed that the rest of it will all go smoothly too!

Also, our friend Junchan came to visit us. She is currently on a long working holiday in France, and decided this month to spend a few days in the UK and catch up with some old friends. We met up at High St. Kensington (partly just because that was where Chie's test was held) and went for lunch in the food court part of the big Whole Foods there. We saw Ben Fogle in there.

After lunch we decided to go for a wander around the Victoria and Albert museum, which was rather fascinating - I particularly enjoyed the ironworks collection on one of the upper floors.

We then decided to round off the afternoon we should take afternoon tea at Harrod's - albeit in one of the more casual of their cafés. Still, that was rather nice.

We spent the evening back at the flat - having had a late-ish lunch and afternoon tea the girls didn't want much for dinner, so I just knocked up some interesting salads - one was the classic insalata tricolore (mozzarella, avocado and tomato); the next was a slightly unusual grilled bear, brie and honey salad; and the final one was an autumnal green salad with shredded beetroot, russet apple and some sage derby cheese.

Comment 1

Grilled bear, brie and honey salad? I know bears like honey, but didn't realise they go nicely in a salad together, John? :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2008/11/09 08:28:22.

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