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Mind the Gap

Posted on 2008/09/24 21:45:02 (September 2008).

[Sunday 14th September]
Went out in the afternoon to do a bit of clothes shopping, and I rather unadventurously bought a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a jumper in Gap. Shopping there saves having to actually thing for myself about these kinds of things.

There was actually an American shop assistant in this particular Gap (I theorised she might have been there to provide training or something) and I was forced to begrudgingly acknowledge that the American are much better at customer service than we British are. So much more polite, happy, upbeat, and generally personable. Having worked for American companies for the past few years now, I have definitely been through periods where I've been oddly quite proud of our cynical and somewhat dour attitude in a work context when compared to our North American cousins. Recently though, the more I think about it, even though the tirelessly upbeat and positive attitude of the Americans may occasionally be a little sickening, all in all they've probably got the right idea, and it is people like me who need to learn to be a bit less cynical.

Anywho, after a bit of shopping we went for a very late lunch at a new dim sum place that had opened up near where we live. It wasn't bad I suppose - we had a couple of little steamed dumpling type things, followed by soup noodle dishes.

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