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Awards Ceremony and Hiroshimakenjinkai

Posted on 2008/09/14 14:37:45 (September 2008).

[Friday 12th September]
The usual end-of-the-week-beer-and-pizza was extended this week by a whole extra hour, to include a sort of annual awards ceremony, to recognise people who have worked on particularly innovative / high impact projects. Whilst the project I work on is probably still a bit too new to qualify, I was rather pleased to see that my manager won an award for the other project he's involved with. He's a very hard working chap and I think it was well deserved, plus it's also nice to have a bit of the reflected glory to bathe in. The award is not purely lip service, and is actually taken quite seriously, and has a lot of respect associated with it within the company.

This meant that work for the day pretty much ground to a halt at 4, however I was back at my desk again by 7 as there were things I needed to get tied up before the weekend.

Chie was going along to her Hiroshimakenjinkai this evening, and given that one of the regulars (Kaoru-san, whom I had once spent an hour in a police station with!) was leaving England and going back to Japan, I thought I ought to also put in an appearance. So I left the office around 8:30 and headed over to Baker Street, where the kenjinkai takes place in a local pub.

Most of the kenjinkai attendees left around 10 to head off to a nearby Chinese restuarant, but Chie and I decided to to give that a miss as we had to be up early the next morning and I was already quite knackered. We did hang around for a little bit longer at the pub, and got to know Seiko-san, a Japanese lady who was over here for a course in art history, and rather refreshingly seems to love the UK.

Given that neither of us had really had dinner, we stopped off at Subway on the way home. I have to admit to being rather partial to their veggie patties. Mmmmm.

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