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Someone Else's Work Night Out

Posted on 2008/09/14 14:24:10 (September 2008).

[Thursday 11th September]
Chie went to see a play (Woman in Black) in Japanese this evening. We'd originally planned for me to go along as well, but it turned out we wouldn't be able to see any subtitles/surtitles where we'd be sitting (Chie makes a point of always getting the cheapest possible seats she can!) and given my recent poor track record of being able to keep my interest at the theatre, we decided it would probably be better to give the ticket to someone else. So Chie instead took a Japanese friend along.

This meant I was left at a loose end, and so Andy, hearing of this, invited me along to a work night out with some people from his company. I think it was someone's leaving do or something. I initially had some hesitation at this idea, but eventually decided I would go along as Andy is always immense fun, and I thought it would probably be interesting to see what other people's work nights out are like.

So I met Andy and his colleagues at a pub called The Albany in Great Portland Street, the sort of pub which was entirely occupied by office workers in their 20s and 30s. I guess it wasn't bad though, and Andy's colleagues were all very friendly, and didn't seem to object to an interloper like me gatecrashing their work night out. They hardly seemed to talk shop at all, which surprised me. I'd always thought the main reason for going for a few drinks after work with people from your office was to collectively whinge about work.

I didn't stay out particularly late, and was back home by 11. Having not really had much dinner I then proceeded to nibble at some biscuits and cheese, which I suppose was ill-advised at that late hour (although I didn't actually have nightmares) but was very tasty. We recently got a cheese called "Lord of the Hundreds" from the Wholefoods Market in Kensington, and it is very nice indeed.

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