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Posted on 2008/09/07 17:24:44 (September 2008).

[Wednesday 3rd September]
I'd been beavering away the first half of this week to get something done for a deadline, and when I got it finished today a bit of a strange mood overcame me. Something like an anti-climax, or a sense of running out of steam or something - I'm not sure I can really explain it - but by the end of the working day today I was feeling a bit low, and decided I wanted a bit of time alone and a bit of a change of scenery.

So I jumped on the bus, with the intention of heading in the direction of the Whisky Society, but took a somewhat round about route to get there. I stopped off on the way at one of those vegetarian Chinese buffet places for a quick bite to eat, and then from there took a meandering stroll through parts of Holborn/Bloomsbury I wasn't that familiar with. I wandered down Lamb's Conduit Street which was quite interesting. I'd heard of the pub there - The Lamb - and it did look quite nice when I walked past, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to actually go in. At the end of Lamb's Conduit Street I turned right, and wandered down Guilford Street towards Gray's Inn Road. Again I walked past a couple of interesting looking pubs, but didn't go in. I shall store these up for a possible future pub crawl.

I eventually made it to the Whisky Society, but only stayed for one quick drink. It was very busy, and given that it was just before a new bottling list was released their stocks were a bit low - particularly in regards to the malts I normally drink (the Islays etc). So I just had the one and then headed off. I contemplated popping in to Ye Olde Mitre or the Cittie of Yorke but somehow I wasn't really in the mood, so just headed to Chancery Lane and got the tube back home.

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