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Toilet Zone

Posted on 2008/09/07 17:24:14 (September 2008).

[Monday 1st September]
There's something satisfying about months which start on a Monday. It's sort of neat and well ordered. I thoroughly approve.

This week my former manager was in London. Around this time last year we got our own local manager which made a lot more sense for all sorts of practical reasons, but I was always rather fond of my ex-boss. Thankfully he is still part of the same project so we still get a chance to work together now and again.

He's rather partial to Indian food, and so this evening he took me and some of the other guys on the team out to the Indian restaurant he visits every time he is in London - Masala Zone in Soho. The Grand Thali there is really rather good.

The title for this entry comes from there - the "XYZ zone" theme is carried all the way through the restaurant, including the toilets, and the notion rather appealed to me. It's a bit like the way Americans avoid saying the word toilet and instead use "bathroom" which has always struck me as particularly daft in restaurants where the facilities on offer very rarely include baths. So, if "where are the toilets?" is a bit too direct for you, why not next time try instead asking "where is the toilet zone?".

Comment 1

In the states, it's real common to say, "where is the John"? I have a friend named John, and my buddies and me like to tease him about it. He hates that. lol

Posted by Tyler at 2008/09/21 03:51:44.

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