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Living By Myself (for one night only!)

Posted on 2008/08/31 18:27:09 (August 2008).

[Saturday 30th August]
Chie was going away for the majority of this weekend to see some friends in Swindon (of all places...) and I had decided I would take the opportunity to catch up on some work. I had originally thought about going into the office today, but that would have meant actually having a shower and getting dressed properly in the morning, and given that I can work fairly effectively from home I decided not to bother. So I set up a little "weekend office" on the dining table, plugging my MacBook in to the big monitor we normally use to watch TV (via the Mac Mini), and beavered away for a good 8 hours or so. It was quite a productive day - one of those tasks that involves a lot of "oh, that didn't work - maybe I'll try this instead". It's the sort of thing which can actually be quite hard in the office, as I get constantly interrupted and easily lose my train of thought, so this could easily have spilled out to two or three days if I was actually at work.

I have to admit, in short bursts it's actually really nice to have the flat to myself. Weekends are often a source of disagreement between Chie and I - she typically wants us to go out shopping, whereas I typically want to stay in and do something a bit more productive with my time. Although, having said that, if I do end up spending a whole weekend indoors I get a definite sense of regret come Sunday evening. I think I am pretty much plagued with a sense that I'm not getting enough done with my life, and in a strange kind of a way, being able to spend at least one day of the weekend working is actually quite relaxing - I don't have that constant sense that I'm wasting my time.

It's also quite nice to be able to eat and drink at completely irregular times, and have whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it - I don't have to worry about making a meal that we're both going to enjoy.

Of course, the sense of novelty at living by myself has in the past generally been relatively short lived. Whilst Chie and I haven't spent much time apart in the last year or two, before that we often had long stretches of being on different continents and generally speaking that wasn't a lot of fun.

Comment 1

I have the same problem myself.... I find that staying in is actually quite relaxing, maybe playing some games, or doing some chores... But on the other side not going out feels quite "bad" as if I am missing out something... :(

Posted by Lox at 2008/08/31 22:30:19.

Comment 2

I don't mind staying in or going out - as long as drinking is involved.

Posted by Simon W at 2008/09/03 08:56:35.

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