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Meeting Relatives

Posted on 2008/08/21 07:33:27 (August 2008).

[Sunday 17th August]
Today Chie and I travelled to Uckfield in Sussex (roughly in the vicinity of Brighton) to meet my Dad's cousin Nigel and his wife Mary. Given that Nigel had lived in Malawi for most of his life, and I was always in another part of the UK whenever he came back to visit, I don't think we'd ever actually met before, but I'd often heard other people in the family talk about him and his brother Martin.

...and what lovely people they are! I instantly warmed to them both, and they instantly felt very much like family. We chatted about all sorts of things - family history (both recent and "ancient"), life in Japan and Malawi, the olympics, and inevitably house prices.

We also went out for a surprisingly nice meal - a sort of Thai / Indian restaurant in the middle of nowhere. I had some of the best paneer tikka I've ever had.

We got the train back to London just after 6, and stopped off on the way back home at the little Marks and Spencer in the station which was conveniently still open. I had a uninspiring but satisfying pizza for dinner, whereas Chie decided to have ramen instead.

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