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Breakfast Out and Coconuts

Posted on 2008/08/21 07:33:00 (August 2008).

[Saturday 16th August]
I'll quite often make a cooked breakfast at least one morning of each weekend, but today we had none of the ingredients in, so thought about venturing out for a change. I guess one of the appealing things about having breakfast at home is that we can slob around in the morning and not have to get washed / dressed and ready to go out.

So today we scoured the local area for a suitable cafe to have breakfast in. We turned out noses up at a couple, and then happened upon this interesting looking Portugese deli / cafe, wherein we decided to have a "pre breakfast" - a quick coffee and a custard tart. Everybody was speaking Portugese, it felt a bit like being on holiday (not that I've ever been to Portugal).

Then for the "main course" of breakfast we went to our standard local haunt, the Polish cafe, which I've become rather fond of. This was good as ever, although Chie shied away from a full English on this occasion and instead had a bagel. Lightweight!

Given that this is just a couple of doors down from our local supermarket, we then took advantage of this and did some food shopping. We were back at the flat by not long after midday - sometimes we don't even head out for the day until a couple of hours later than this!

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, mainly on the computer.

Oh, but we did crack open one of the coconuts I got from the summer party the other day. I grated the flesh and added it to a sort of Thai curry. It was actually rather nice.

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