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Simon and Vanessa's Wedding

Posted on 2008/08/12 08:00:01 (August 2008).

[Saturday 9th August]
Our friends Simon and Vanessa finally tied the knot today. They'd been together about the same length of time as me and Chie had so it was definitely long overdue!

The wedding was held in rural Berkshire, somewhere near Midgham / Aldermaston. Conveniently for us it wasn't until 3 in the afternoon, giving Chie and I plenty of time to get the train there.

We got the train as far as Midgham, and then stopped off there for a quick drink in a very nice pub called the Rowbarge. I had originally thought about trying to walk from there to the venue, but I wasn't exactly sure where we were heading, and it was raining, so I thought we should probably get a taxi instead.

Consequently we arrived at the venue a bit too early and had to hang around for a bit, trying not to get in the way. More guests started to arrive just before 3, and by shortly after 3 we were all seated in the hall where the ceremony was going to be, and waiting for the bride to arrive. After the customary wait Vanessa turned up, looking fantastic of course, and the ceremony got under way. A few minutes later and I had one less unmarried friend!

There was then the usual gap between the ceremony and the reception proper, giving us a chance to mill around a bit, drink bucks fizz, and have the photographer take lots of pictures.

By this point I was getting a tad peckish, so was quite relieved when we were invited into the other building for the reception. The food was all done to a very good standard, and we were lucky to be seated at a table where we actually knew most of the people, so that was all very nice.

I thought the speeches were all very good indeed - Vanessa's brother's speech was really heartfelt, Simon's was very forthright and confident, and David's best man speech was hilarious as expected. I've known Simon and David for a good 6 or 7 years at least, but haven't really seen either of them do much public speaking before, and was pleasantly surprised by how professional they both were. Although I do feel a need to berate Simon for use of the well worn "I can't read my wife's handwriting" gag.

As always at weddings, they put a glass of champagne in front of you before the speeches begin, which everybody else seems to innately know they should not touch until the toasts, whereas I have usually polished it off before they've even started talking.

Anyway, after the meal and the speeches were over, the tables were cleared, and some music was put on (initially over the sound system, but a bit later on there was a proper band), and the remainder of the evening passed in the usual post reception banter.

Chie and I were aiming for the last train back, so left the reception at 10 to get a taxi to the station. I was a bit concerned that the trains just weren't going to be running at all - especially when we were the only people waiting at Midgham station, but thankfully it all worked out pretty well, and we were home by not long after midnight.

Comment 1

Yes, I was talking to Joc the other day, bemoaning the fact we haven't had a good wedding lately. There's nothing more relaxing than being a guest at a wedding - a friend-guest rather than one with commitments to speak or usher etc. Sadly a lot of our friends are already married, and those who are not, seem impervious to subtle hints!

Posted by Nigel at 2008/08/12 19:05:21.

Comment 2

I hope they didn't have sex before the wedding. Beware of God's wrath!

Posted by Sheri at 2008/08/13 14:38:11.

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