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Posted on 2008/08/03 14:23:32 (August 2008).

[Friday 1st August]
So it's August already eh?

I'm sure I'm not alone in experiencing a happy sense of anticipation in April and May that summer is on it's way. By June this sensation has turned into "well, it's a bit late starting this year, isn't it?", to be followed by "well, July was a bit of a wash out - maybe August will be better" - and then of course ultimately, by September, "oh, was that it?" - mixed by then with an entirely unrealistic clinging optimism and talk of "Indian summers".

In line with my ongoing mission to expand the Meaning of Liff, I have put a pin in the map, and come up with a word for this:

Golberdon - the naive and erroneous assumption made by meteorological optimists that summer is "just a bit late starting this year", which continues on until mid-October.

Part of the problem may not be the weather itself - I suppose we have had occasional patches of sunshine. Instead I think the slight sense of disappointment that hit me when I realised it was August already is probably because I don't have any other holidays or anything planned. Our week in Cornwall at the end of June was great, but I think I really could have done with another week's holiday some time in August or something.

Unfortunately though I'm not supposed to travel for 6 weeks after my operation, at least no travel that would involve hauling luggage about - and that pretty much takes me right up to the end of August.

We did go away to Scotland for the first week of September last year, and whilst that was overall a fantastic holiday, weather-wise I got the distinct impression that the summer had very much ended by that point.

So I suppose I'm really just saying I need something like a holiday to look forward to. Perhaps I ought to just accept the fact that if it is going to happen, it's not going to be until September, and cross our fingers that we might just get a late spell of good weather for once. Besides, I suppose looking on the bright side, everywhere will be a bit quieter (and cheaper!) by then.

Comment 1

Poor sod.
I've just been harvesting lavender which I grow on my terrace. A bit of French provence at home. Mind you, Provence in merely 2 hours drive from here.
Et le soleil est au rendez-vous...

Posted by Sheri at 2008/08/04 21:35:07.

Comment 2

Sheri: it sounds like you live in a very nice place!

Out of interest, do French people ever envy the English way of life in the same way many English people envy the French? I suspect not!

Posted by John at 2008/08/07 00:13:23.

Comment 3

Here is what I like about England:

1. queueing at bus stops. In France one has to elbow one's way through the crowd.

2. Your garden parties / botanical fairs

3. Your English Heritage. You truly care about your monuments. There is a nice medieval castel, near Vienne, which is crolling down for lack of interest (and money)

4. Goodness Gracious me / Dial 'M' for Pizza

5. Wodehouse and, of course, Shakespeare.

6. Your glorious countryside (country cottages and hedged farmlands)

7. Your queen (yes yes, I mean it)! I'm a staunch monarchist. A king, like a president, can cheat and prove to be a perfect scoundrel. He could also be halfwitted. At least he's got manners.

Posted by Sheri at 2008/08/07 15:45:28.

Comment 4

(Good manners are a rare commodity, nowadays)

Posted by Sheri at 2008/08/07 15:47:40.

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