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The "First One to Get Home Does the Cooking" Rule

Posted on 2008/08/03 13:46:18 (August 2008).

[Thursday 31st July]
Now I don't like to grumble about my beloved wife, but do have to admit to being a tad peeved this evening.

As is usually the case I stayed at work later than Chie did, and as often seems to happen she went straight home, in full knowledge that there was nothing in to cook, and sat there waiting for me to leave the office, go to the supermarket, come back home, and then cook something for her. Now don't misinterpret this as chauvinism or anything - I do more than half of the cooking at home - but you'd think it would just be common sense for me to not be cooking on the evenings when I'm coming home a couple of hours later than her - besides anything else it means we both end up eating rather late, which can't be good for you.

I recall my Mum saying that friends of hers had a rule that whoever got home first should cook, which I think makes a lot of sense. As it happens, the man of that particular couple would deliberately take longer than necessary to get home just so he could avoid cooking, but that is beside the point!

Anyway, I am considering proposing this system to Chie, but I anticipate heavy resistance. Based on past failures of mine to introduce "process improvements" like this I am not optimistic about the reaction. It appears the right to make constructive criticism is a one way street in our marriage!

Comment 1

Well maybe she wants to eat with you and that's why she waits... I share tasks with Chiara, if I cook she washes the dishes, or does something else.. Although that later is used in arguments as she happens to "do everything" in the house... :(

Posted by Lox at 2008/08/03 16:37:16.

Comment 2

This doesn't bode well for me - I work at home and my wife would be well-chuffed to hear of this rule!

Posted by Bryan at 2008/08/03 20:44:54.

Comment 3

Lox: how about, while she is waiting, she actually buys and cooks the food that we can then eat together?

Posted by John at 2008/08/04 10:11:40.

Comment 4

John: that could be an option but tends to be expensive and rather unhealthy... :(

Posted by Lox at 2008/08/05 18:27:57.

Comment 5

maybe she isn't as interested in food, as you are!

Posted by i-cee at 2008/08/06 12:47:47.

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