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Bandages Off

Posted on 2008/08/03 12:02:55 (August 2008).

[Monday 28th July]
Today was the last day I spent working from home following my operation. The consultant had made an appointment for me to pop back to the hospital for a check-up, and I wanted to get the all clear from him before I actually went back to the office. As the appointment was not until 6 in the evening, I spent the day working from home.

It as productive day, as the two days I'd worked at the end of last week, somehow I had been overcome with a wave of lethargy, although I suppose it could just have been tiredness.

I walked to the hospital as it is only about a 20 minute stroll away from where we live, and I had been told I ought to be having a short gentle walk each day. There was a bit of a mixup when I got there - apparently whoever organised my "appointment" had got as far as writing the date and time on a little card, but hadn't actually let the consultant or anyone at the hospitable know about it. Anyway, they managed to squeeze me in, and I had a very brief check-up with the consultant. He basically just took the dressings off and had a quick prod around the area where he'd operated, and said "Yep, all looks fine". So that was it really - no stitches to take our or anything.

I've still got to take it easy over the next few weeks - specifically no heavy lifting until about 6 weeks after the operation, and he also advised that I shouldn't travel in that timeframe either (largely just because this would mean hauling luggage about etc). Other than that though, he said it should be fine for me to go back to work, and pretty much get back to life as normal.

I left the hospital feeling remarkably well, it seems that being told I'm fine my a medical professional is significantly more effective than any kind of actual medicine.

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