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Venturing Out

Posted on 2008/07/28 19:39:02 (July 2008).

[Saturday 26th July]
So it had now been one week since my operation, and for the first time I thought I might actually attempt to venture out more than a few metres from my flat. Our friends Leon and Yukari were coming to London, and we'd decided to meet up for lunch.

The original plan was to go for lunch at Matsuri St. James's, but that went rather badly wrong.

So, as plan B we went to our old favourite Abeno Too, just off Leicester Square, which, despite being a bit too hot to be eating a good where you all sit around a giant griddle, was actually very nice.

After lunch Leon, Yukari and Chie headed off to some sort of music festival in London, but I decided I shouldn't overdo it on my first outing, so just headed back home at that point, and had a restful afternoon in by myself.

In the evening, when Chie got back from the festival, we had a veggie chilli for dinner, which was jolly nice.

Comment 1

You tell 'em, John! I particularly like Chi'e's striking out the service charge. The nerve of these people!

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/07/30 11:12:57.

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