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Back to Work (from home)

Posted on 2008/07/28 13:29:47 (July 2008).

[Thursday 25th July]
I decided today to try getting back into some work, albeit from home. I'd been signed off by the consultant for a full two weeks to recover from the operation. My company had been made well aware of that and were quite comfortable with it. So I could have just done nothing for the fortnight and probably no-one would have complained.

The decision to start working again today wasn't really driven by any desperate desire on my part to get back to work - or any pressure from the company - I guess it was just my usual working class morals. It didn't seem right to be getting paid when I was more or less capable of providing some useful service to the company. By this point I was more or less comfortable enough to sit up and type for short periods, which is all I really need to be able to do for my job.

I put in a really decent day's work actually - there were production issues to fix which I jumped right on. Once again today I was impressed by how well I can actually work from home, or indeed anywhere - all I need is my MacBook and an internet connection.

In the evening we had pizza for dinner, for the first time ever Chie actually went to pick them up (from our local Pizza Express) instead of me, albeit under some protest.

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