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Recovery Day Four

Posted on 2008/07/28 13:12:54 (July 2008).

[Wednesday 24th July]
Yet more of the same really, skulking around the flat, waiting to get better.

I did have a bash at some cooking today - largely motivated by the fact that there wasn't anything in that I could just eat straight out of the packet. So I examined the contents of the cupboards, and found a tin of lentils. With this I made a "Mediterranean lentil and tomato soup" - Mediterranean on the basis it had olives and Herbes de Provence in it. It was actually very good, really hearty.

I also attempted to cook dinner for Chie in the evening - we had some of that left over soup for starter, followed by a porcini and black truffle risotto for main course. The latter sounds quite gourmet, but it was just made with some dried porcini and truffles from a jar that were hanging around in the cupboard, and weren't particularly flavoursome. The soup was probably the highlight.

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