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Recovery Day One

Posted on 2008/07/22 17:11:30 (July 2008).

[Sunday 20th July]
Today was the first day spent recovering at home following my operation. Not much to report really, I pretty much just stayed slumped on the sofa all day. Although following the advice of the nurse I did go for a short and gentle walk around the gardens in the afternoon. Walking is actually quite an effort, as is getting up out of a chair, and sitting back down again. Similarly getting in and out of bed and getting dressed are all quite a challenge. It has been a reminder how much you rely on your stomach muscles for, and when that area is all a bit painful it makes pretty much any kind of movement somewhat challenging. Shortly after the operation yesterday I coughed, just the once, and that was really quite painful too, so I spent today very diligently trying to avoid coughing.

Chie did a great job of looking after me (although the signs of her patience wearing a bit thin were very soon apparent!), and made all three meals today, although I did help out a tiny bit with dinner. We had toad-in-the-hole and cauliflower cheese.

Not unsurprisingly I watched quite a lot of telly today, including The Secret Garden, which seemed a thoroughly appropriate sort of a film for someone in my current convalescent state.

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