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Lunch with Simon

Posted on 2008/07/22 17:08:25 (July 2008).

[Sunday 13th July]
Woke up at Rob's house in the 'burbs of Reading following the previous day's reunion extravaganza. Tom and Jon had gone back the previous night, but Tim, Lorenzo, Chiara and Chris (and of course Rob and Kate) were all still around in the morning. Tim and I were the first to get up, and I particularly enjoyed our early morning chat over a few cups of tea in the kitchen. Very reminiscent of time spent in Radstock Road, albeit that the subject matter had changed somewhat (work, rather than university). Then gradually the rest of the group woke up and came downstairs in drabs and drabs, and we all had a long drawn out breakfast and more chatting in the kitchen. That was all jolly nice.

Simon (resident of Radstock Road in the second year we were there) had been in Hungary on the actual day of the reunion, and was just flying back this morning. Unfortunately Tim and Chris had to head off before lunch as they both had long journeys back up North ahead of them, but Lorenzo and Chiara's flight was not until the evening, and I only had to get back to London, so we at least had the chance to go out for lunch with Simon. We attempted several venues in the centre of Reading for lunch on Rob's recommendation, all of which were closed, and eventually gave up and went to Nando's. Which I actually thought was quite nice (there's nothing like a South African chain of Portugese restaurants for mixing it up a bit culturally).

After lunch we headed over to the station for the final round of goodbyes - Lox and Chiara headed off to Gatwick, and I headed back to London (despite Simon making a stirling effort to get me to remain in Reading for a boozy afternoon - unfortunately after the previous days' excesses I was just a bit too knackered!).

Once back in London I met up briefly with Chie and Andy's fiancee (who we had just met for the first time last month) who were out doing a spot of clothes shopping in the centre. After the clothes shopping was deemed complete (although Chie hadn't actually bought anything!) we waved Andy's fiancee off at the tube station, and then Chie and I went to Rice Wine Shop to buy the usual Japanese provisions, including a big bag of rice. So naturally back at home in the evening we had Japanese food for dinner.

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