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Leaving Do

Posted on 2008/07/16 21:57:53 (July 2008).

[Thursday 10th July]
Benoit, the young but extremely smart French chap at work was coming to the end of his internship, and although he would have a couple more days in the office, today was chosen for his "official" leaving do. One of three effectively, given that the besuited outing on Monday was partly in his honour, and we also had one final night out on his very last day.

Anywho, this evening commenced with the standard couple of drinks at the pub closest to the office (well, technically the second closest to the office, but anyway, it's the one we always end up going to). A lot of the attendees only stayed for one drink, but there were still a fairly sizeable number of us left behind to go for dinner. The area around the office is not exactly abundant with restaurants, so I decided to fall back to the old faithful - the tapas place. As it turned out the one near my office had actually closed donw, but luckily there's the other one near my flat, which is not too far to walk to from the office.

As has often been the way, after dinner everyone else went their separate ways, but Benoit and I still wanted to have a couple more drinks so proceeded to a couple more pubs from there.

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