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Dress Up Monday

Posted on 2008/07/16 21:40:07 (July 2008).

[Monday 7th July]
Some companies have a dress code, and to give their employees a break from the norm have occasional "dress down Fridays" and the like, where people can turn up to work in whatever they feel like. My company, on the other hand, has no dress code whatsoever, so me and the rest of my team thought it might be jolly to all come to the office in suits one day. That day was today!

see here for some pictures.

It was surprisingly fun, we got a really good reaction from everyone else in the office, and I felt very "empowered". I was proactively leveraging synergy and thoroughly impacting my success vector all day, and probably going forwards.

In the evening after work we thought we should take advantage of our unusual attire, and go and have the sort of night out that we assume sales people usually have, rather than the typical quick beer at the nearest pub.

So we went to a succession of swanky wine bars, and gorged ourselves on champagne and oysters (although not the oysters in my case of course).

I had always imagined that working at a big and successful company would be a bit more like this - not the wearing suits part necessarily - but the extravagant after work pursuits. So I very much enjoyed this evening - a strong candidate for the best work night out I've had in this job - although I suppose from the point of view of personal finances it's probably for the best that the champagne binges are only a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of thing!

Comment 1

Shock, Horror. One of the photos shows the name of a well known Company.

Posted by Mad Mumsie at 2008/07/17 14:20:16.

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