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Long Slog Back to London

Posted on 2008/06/27 15:59:51 (June 2008).

[Saturday 21st June]
So today was the longest day, and it certainly did seem to drag a bit.

I was about to start the account of the day with "I woke up at David's house down in Cornwall..." but the reality is I had hardly slept. Having been forced to share a bed with a chronic snorer it hadn't been a particularly peaceful night. I was feeling quite sorry for myself, not only was I tired, but had the inevitable hangover (quite a bad one) and had stomach pains (the old hernia) plus on top of all that I seemed to have picked up a cold.

Simon's stag do was intended to be a whole weekend affair, but I really wasn't feeling up to another night of it. Towards the end of the morning all the other guys went out fishing, and I decided I should probably just head back to London.

It was a long and arduous journey, starting with the pleasant walk to the nearest village, then a decidedly bilious bus journey to Bodmin Parkway. I then had a fair old wait there until the next train back to London.

Once finally on the train I decided I needed some comfort, and possibly some peace and quiet, so I upgraded myself to First class (only costs a tenner at weekends apparently). So that made it all a lot more bearable.

I got back to London around 7:30, and headed straight back to the flat. Chie was out meeting Sawako-san (who we had met on Islay last September) but I didn't really feel in a fit state, so pretty much just went straight to bed.

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