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My Favorite Year (sic)

Posted on 2008/06/09 22:52:51 (June 2008).

[Thursday 5th June]
A guy I work with (actually, technically he now works on a different project, but anyway) is something of a Thespian in his spare time. I'd often heard him talk about his other career at work, but until today had never actually had an opportunity to see him on stage. He'd mentioned last week he was going to be in this musical, and I'd eagerly gone and booked tickets.

It's not the sort of thing I would normally have gone to see - originally a Broadway musical about a 1950s TV show - but I was fascinated by the concept of seeing someone who I only knew as a software engineer engage in a performing art.

It turned out to be highly entertaining, and my colleague was particularly excellent. All in all it made for a very nice evening out - as the weather was quite summery, both Chie and I walked from our respective offices to Blackfriars where we met up and had dinner at the Black Friar. After the show we also hung on a bit at the bar in the theatre to congratulate the assembled lovies on a superb performance. All very cultural, and a big tick in the "doing something in London" check list.

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