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Posted on 2008/05/31 11:02:21 (May 2008).

[Wednesday 28th May]
The previous night there had been a thunderstorm (kaminari in Japanese) and heavy rain. It was so loud it had kept me awake. At around 2AM I'd decided trying to get to sleep was completely futile, so I got up, turned on my computer, and did a couple of hours work instead. This may sound like a bizarre thing to do in the middle of the night, but my rationale was that I might not be able to get to sleep until dawn, and if I'd spent that time usefully working rather than just wasting it pointlessly lying in bed, I could then sleep in the next morning and go to the office late with impunity.

So I got into the office around midday. It seems my tactic of working when I couldn't sleep didn't make much difference after all though - I felt compelled to stay at the office until about 8:30, so ended up putting in my full hours anyway.

Chie made burgers for dinner - vegetarian ones of course - which were well suited to a late supper like snack.

Comment 1

That's what I call dedication!!! ;D Though I must admit that if I had a job I liked, I might do the same! Just thinking about it, I hope your Internet connection is wireless. There used to be suggestions of lightning-strikes taking out computers connected by wires... So I guess wi-fi is safer?!?!

Posted by Nigel at 2008/05/31 11:13:29.

Comment 2

Yes I use wireless around the flat. Our broadband comes via cable - given that the lines are all underground I would imagine it would be safe from lightning strikes...?

Posted by John at 2008/05/31 11:36:51.

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