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Posted on 2008/05/27 23:45:40 (May 2008).

[Tuesday 27th May]
Back at work today after the bank holiday weekend, although I'm actually quite enjoying it at the moment so this was no great ordeal.

I arrived back home at 8, and dinner was ready and waiting, which was rather nice. Chie had made gnocchi with a cheese and spinach sauce - a recipe I have made a number of times, and which Chie seems to be able to recreate very well.

Not much else to report really - I did a good stint on the exercise bike this evening - for the first time I stretched it out to 20 minutes, covering 9km (5.6 miles) and burning 173.3 calories. The distance bit is quite pleasing, but the calorie count isn't really that impressive when you consider a single packet of crisps would undo all that hard work!

I also ordered a new bottle of whisky this evening - a Port Charlotte - the more heavily peated malt made at Bruichladdich. Hopefully that will arrive in a couple of days time, and I shall attempt to write up some tasting notes when it does. Port Charlotte is actually the name of a closed distillery on Islay, and apparently the folks who run Bruichladdich are currently in the process of reopening it (see here) which is quite exciting. In the meantime they're producing an interpretation of what the old Port Charlotte malt used to be like at Bruichladdich, presumably partly as a means of funding the new project. Good luck to them I say!

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