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Sheep Bleat Menacingly

Posted on 2008/05/27 23:24:18 (May 2008).

[Monday 26th May]
We had spent the weekend in South Wales with Vera and Robin, and thanks to the bank holiday (plus being brave enough to head down on the Friday evening) we'd had a whole three nights away, which was jolly nice. However I wanted to get back to London in plenty of time today, so we headed back towards the end of the morning.

I'd been worried the trains would be overcrowded and chaotic, but it wasn't actually too bad - we were able to sit down all the way back to London (although we bloody well should have, having reserved seats), and it was even more or less on time. Well, more or less - about 15 minutes late getting into Paddington.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, after getting back to the flat I braved the rather miserable weather once more to go out and get some shopping. For dinner I made pie and mash with broad beans and a creamy pepper sauce. It was mostly pretty lazy - the pies were out of the freezer and the creamy pepper sauce was out of a packet. However I did go to town on the mash potatoes a bit - I left the skin on, and also mashed in some spinach and cheddar cheese. That was rather nice actually (and went very well with the pepper sauce).

In the evening we watched a superbly daft sheep themed horror film. Yes - Black Sheep - a movie in a genre all of its own. I particularly enjoyed the fine work done by the subtitler, including such classic captions as the one I borrowed to use as the title of this entry. If you've started to think the film industry has just become one continuous tired and repetitive cliché of itself then I heartily urge you to watch this film - whoever said that all the world's stories had already been told was clearly incapable of envisaging the huge mileage to be had from a flock of genetically modified wool bearing livestock embarking on a bloodthirsty rampage. Forget the heavily stylised fight scenes in The Matrix, or even the epic battles of the Lord of the Rings trilogy - no other movie can hope to compete on action sequences after seeing the bit in this film where a sheep wrestles control of a Land Rover, and then drives it over the edge of a cliff. Pure cinematic magic.

Comment 1

Well, thanks, that's put me off knitting for the rest of the evening!

Posted by John's Mum at 2008/05/28 20:38:53.

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