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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Lazy Day in Abergavenny

Posted on 2008/05/26 16:14:23 (May 2008).

[Sunday 25th May]
As forecast, the weather was pretty awful today, so we mostly just stayed indoors, with the exception of a short walk towards the end of the afternoon in the neighbourhood around Vera and Robin's house.

The lack of any major activity was actually very pleasant though - a chance to just completely relax and spend some quality time with Vera and Robin, away from that constant pressure you have in London that there's all sorts of things going on and you really ought to be doing something.

Weekly New Year's Resolution Status (week 8 already!)

1) Doing stuff in London. Pretty good here - the mini pub crawl in Westminster on Tuesday and the Chelsea Flower Show on Thursday.

2) Meeting up with old friends. Well didn't meet up with any old friends in person, but did pretty well on the family side of things - saw Dad on Wednesday, and Vera and Robin over the weekend (plus my Dad's cousin on Friday night). Did chat to a few old friends by email though - planning for the Radstock reunion this summer is now well under way!

3) Exercise. OK I dropped the ball here this week. My excuse is that I was away for the weekend, and out every night in the week with the exception of Monday and Wednesday, and somehow it slipped my mind on those evenings. Did do a lot of walking on Thursday evening when we went to the Chelsea Flower Show, but it's not really a substitute. Must do better!

Comment 1

Poor show on number 3 John !
No excuses

Posted by Jerry at 2008/05/30 00:02:58.

Comment 2

Hi John, number 3: Why not just jump on the exercise bike first thing when you arrive home each evening? If you do, 10 minutes a day, that's still more than 1 hour's worth a week...which is far better than nothing! I think gentle peddling in a low gear is not going to exacerbate a hernia, plus you might find it helps you relax and sleep deeply!

Posted by Will in Tokyo at 2008/06/01 10:09:08.

Comment 3

Amber, I got the pleasure to work with you when you did my reitpecon. You treat your hobby as a passion and you are an artist. Everyone picture you took was planned and thought out. Even those quick shots had depth in the angle of the camera and amount of quality in each picture. God has bless you with a gift and I thank you for sharing it with my family!

Posted by Jack at 2012/12/07 20:59:37.

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