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Champagne and Pizza (and lunch with Dad)

Posted on 2008/05/26 16:12:26 (May 2008).

[Wednesday 21st May]
Dad was passing through London today, and so fortunately his train times worked out such that he could come to my office for lunch, which was jolly nice.

Probably since finding out that Veuve Cliquot is outright vegetarian, I have recently had an ongoing hankering for champagne. The trouble is, people have a habit of buying a bottle and then "saving it for a special occasion", which never seems to arrive. So today I thought sod it, I'd be extravagant and go and get a bottle of good old VC, and we'd drink it out in the garden for no other reason than we could.

On the way back from work I also picked up a couple of pizzas from our local Pizza Express, which all in all made for a very enjoyable dinner out in the garden. I loved the mixture of the snobby with the slobby - champagne out of plastic cups, and pizza eaten straight out of the box.

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