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A Stroll to Regent's Park

Posted on 2008/05/26 16:10:06 (May 2008).

[Sunday 18th May]
We decided we should get out and enjoy the relatively pleasant weather today. Chie had heard that the roses at Regent's Park were starting to come into bloom, and so that seemed like a good place to head for. To make it even more interesting we decided we would walk across London to get there.

So we headed out, up through St. James's Park first, over the Mall, past Piccadilly, and then by the time we'd got to around Bond Street decided we ought to have some lunch. We tried out the creperie that had caught Chie's eye a few times. Once we got inside we realised (like most of the restaurants around there) it was really aimed at tourists, who presumably come to London hoping to reaffirm their stereotypes that restaurants in this country provide bland and dissapointing food with poor and unfriendly service. I suppose it wasn't terrible, but I'm not exactly itching to go again.

Our stomachs fortified with an underwhelming repast, we headed out once more in the direction of Regent's Park. On arrival at the park we headed straight for the rose gardens and had a very pleasant stroll around. I'm not normally one who has a particular appreciation for floral displays, but one couldn't help but be impressed by all the vivid colours and fragrances - despite the fact that a number of the roses still haven't come out yet.

We carried on up through Regent's Park from there to our old haunt Primrose Hill (it's where I proposed to Chie, you know) and walked (by this point somewhat wearily I might add) up to the top of the hill to admire the view.

All in all a lovely walk, but you'll be unsurprised to hear we got the bus on the way back!

For dinner we had cauliflower cheese, with a few roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and a few other assorted vegetables. The cheese sauce was a particular success today - a mixture of cheddar and emental, with a hint of mustard.

Weekly New Year's Resolution status

1) Doing stuff in London. Whisky society om Monday, Royal China yesterday and most of all our walk to Regent's Park today. Pretty good!

2) Seeing old friends. Another big tick here - lunch with Tom on Friday.

3) Exercise. Pretty good here - on Monday I did 10 minutes (4.7km, 84.5cal) on the exercise bike and on Wednesday another 15 minutes (6.8km, 109cal). That's a total of 7.15 miles. I think at some point I set a target of 10 miles a week (although I'm not sure I wrote that down anywhere), so still a bit to go. Although we probably walked about 4 miles today.

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