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A Proactive Wednesday

Posted on 2008/05/15 08:44:16 (May 2008).

[Wednesday 14th May]
Had a very satisfying meeting at the end of the day today - to discuss with a team in another office how we were going to coordinate on a project we'd be working on together. I normally think I don't do very well in meetings, particularly when there are a lot of people I haven't really worked with before, but today I more or less drove the whole thing, and I really felt for once I was actually capable of doing this "tech lead" role I'd been given back in January.

Chie was out shopping when I got back from work, so I decided to make a lasagne for dinner - it's unusual for me to do this midweek as it is rather a lot of effort. While it was cooking I also did 15 minutes on the exercise bike, did some laundry, and tidied up the kitchen a bit. So all in all a very "proactive" sort of a day.

It seems like recently, the last couple of days in particular, I've had something of a burst of energy - my chi is in alignment, or whatever it is you call it. This appears to be something of an "up cycle" - whereas a few weeks ago I was wallowing in a malaise (see here for example, particularly where work was concerned - and I was generally lethargic and disinterested in just about everything. It has occurred to me I am just subject to these ups and downs - I suspect most people are to some extent - and they seemingly have no particular cause or reason.

Following the wisdom I have learnt from work - that most things are easier to manage if you can attach metrics to them - it has occurred to me I can probably make use of this blog to give each day some kind of score, and then in hindsight go back and analyse the highs and lows to try and work out what the root causes are.

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