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Sans Soleil

Posted on 2008/05/13 20:28:35 (May 2008).

[Sunday 11th May]
Had a fairly quiet day and a deliberate break from any kind of alcohol (although I'd had no hangover to speak of the last couple of days). Spent the morning messing around with the computer, and then in the afternoon we went out to do a spot of shopping. Although we didn't really buy anything - had a late lunch at Ed's Easy Diner and that was about it.

In the evening back at the flat we watched Sans Soleil, a very "arty" film from the 1980s which we'd had recommended to as it has lots of footage of Japan. The Japanese footage was very interesting, but I really couldn't work out what the hell was going on in the narrative of the film itself. Still, I suppose it's OK sometimes to just like the way something looks without actually "getting it".

Weekly New Year's Resolution Update:

1) Doing stuff in London. Pretty good - went to the opera (and hated it!) on Tuesday, plus spent big chunks of the weekend eating and drinking out in town.

2) Seeing old friends. Well no-one this week, but the original goal was twice a month I did do quite well on this front last week.

3) Exercise bike. Now I bet you're expecting to read that I put this off again aren't you? Well no! Remembering that the consultant had told me to just carry on with life as usual - including exercise, I did two short bursts this week. For the stats nerds among you, I did ten minutes in each session (I didn't want to overdo it to start with), the first one I did 4.3km and burnt 86.1 calories, the second I did 4.7km and burnt 94.3 calories.

Comment 1

I think you need to be careful with not drinking on a Sunday, or you might get alcohol withdrawal symtoms. :P

Posted by Kev at 2008/05/13 21:43:53.

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