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A Night Out with a Young Frenchman

Posted on 2008/05/13 19:57:30 (May 2008).

[Friday 9th May]
Went along to the usual end-of-the-week beer and pizza, and at the end of it once everyone else had just gone home it was just me and the young French guy who works on my team, both of us with nothing really better to do. Chie was out for the evening at her Hiroshimakenjinkai, and my diminutive Parisian comrade seemed keen to go for another couple of drinks.

So the two of us ventured out from the office. The immediate area around where we work isn't exactly overflowing with great pubs, so we eventually found ourselves wandering all the way into the city centre. Our first stop was The Ship and Shovell, which is becoming a bit of a favourite of mine. It was very lively here, with merrimakers thronging the alley way between the two halves of this nice little pub.

We then decided we were both hungry, and so I hit upon the idea of taking my Gallic friend to have okonomiyaki - not surprisingly his first time to try this less well known of Japanese cuisines. So off we went to Abeno Too, which was jolly nice as always. As always in Japanese restaurants of late I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to practice my Japanese on the staff.

Given that we'd left the office quite late, and spent a fair while walking into the centre, by the time we'd finished dinner it was gone 11. However I was determined not to be beaten by the usual imposed end-of-the-evening due to the fact that (despite the change in the licensing laws) most pubs still close at 11. So we went in search of a pub that was still open, and given that we were right in the centre of London this proved to be actually relatively straightforward. Alas I don't recall the name of the establishment, but it was a perfectly decent normal sort of a pub, and I thoroughly approved.

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