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Posted on 2008/05/10 10:22:48 (May 2008).

[Thursday 8th May]
There are only so many summery drinks one can enjoy out in the open air. Having already had Pimm's and champagne recently, and not being particularly in a gin and tonic sort of mood, I decided tonight to have a go at making sangria.

It was a very rough approximation - basically some red wine, ginger ale, orange juice, ice, a spoonful of sugar and some slices of lime. Sounds a bit odd but it was actually quite nice.

We enjoyed the finished product out in the gardens, which was very pleasant indeed.

For dinner we had some fresh pasta I'd picked up in Waitrose the other day (mushroom ravioli). I'd forgotten how good their fresh pasta is. Lovely.

Comment 1

I think that the real Sangria is not made just with red wine... There is a sort of "aged wine" like Vermont that is also used... I think.. I am no expert but I remember some Spanish friends mentioning it...

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/10 19:10:16.

Comment 2

It's nto VERMONT, but VERMUT... Vermont is some state in the US I guess..

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/11 09:51:32.

Comment 3

According to wikipedia it seems there isn't really a "real" sangria - people just make it at home using whatever they feel like.

Posted by John at 2008/05/11 11:45:21.

Comment 4

Presumably you can't use Vimto though?

Posted by Kev at 2008/05/11 13:03:34.

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