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Entertaining Dignitaries

Posted on 2008/05/08 21:28:46 (May 2008).

[Tuesday 6th May]
(oops - owing to a confusion over which day was which, I initially posted the entry about my opera visit here)

The engineering director (I think that is the right title for him) for the project I work on was visiting London this week, and as is often the way the job of planning the evening out fell to me.

It didn't actually require much thought in the end - the weight of opinion in the group seemed to be that we should start off at the pub nearest the office, and then later on there was just the little matter of finding somewhere to have dinner for the few of us that were still left. Having taken this guy to a tapas place last time he was in London, this time I used up my other interesting suggestion for somewhere to eat in the area around the office, and we went to the Lebanese restaurant I'd been to a couple of times before.

Comment 1

I quite liked the Opera when I went, but I guess that I have the added bonus of knowing Italian, which allows me to understand part of it...

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/09 11:31:38.

Comment 2

Did the fat lady sing before you left, John? :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2008/05/09 17:56:42.

Comment 3

Sorry I realised I actually posted the opera entry on the wrong day! So those comments probably don't make sense now... :)

Posted by John at 2008/05/10 10:18:26.

Comment 4

Why don't you curt and paste them onto the other entry and delete these ones?

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/10 13:58:58.

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