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May Bank Holiday

Posted on 2008/05/08 21:12:31 (May 2008).

[Monday 5th May]
A much appreciated day off work today. Chie and I had decided we were going to have a picnic in the gardens of the square where we live.

So the first duty of the day was to get some shopping in. We decided to go to (what I believe to be) the poshest Waitrose in the country - the one in Belgravia. It's the one where the home delivery forms have a space for you to put in the name of your maid or butler. We walked on the way there, and as it was a nice warm day it made for a pleasant walk. I dropped by my office on the way to pick up the charger for my phone, and found my manager was there. Given that he's in American, and this is the first May Bank Holiday he has spent in the UK, I couldn't help but wonder if he just hadn't realised today was a public holiday.

Given that we had shopping bags to carry we got a taxi on the way back from Waitrose, which owing to bank holiday traffic ended up costing ten quid. I felt really quite guilty about this actually and have vowed not to do that sort of thing in future unless it is absolutely necessary.

Anyway, on getting back I knocked together some sandwiches, Chie threw together some Pimm's, and we headed down to the gardens where we spent a very pleasant hour or so picnicking, reading, and enjoying the very pleasant weather.

In the evening I made Indian food for dinner. I'd got Chie one of those tiffin boxes for her birthday, which we'd used for our picnic earlier on, and were keen to milk the novelty as far as possible and use for dinner tonight. Even though we stayed in the flat for dinner, so the tiffin was only really useful for carrying the food from the kitchen to the dining table.

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