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Chie's Birthday

Posted on 2008/05/04 23:59:47 (May 2008).

[Sunday 4th May]
Today was Chie's birthday. I got up early again this morning and whilst Chie was still dozing I busied myself with wrapping presents, tidying up the flat, and making breakfast. We then had a long drawn out breakfast whilst Chie opened her presents and cards.

In the afternoon we headed over towards Knightsbridge. We went by way of South Kensington, and stopped off en route to visit the V&A. We had a very pleasant wander around there, taking in the room of plaster casts, and the Raphael cartoons, the Japanese room, and the little courtyard garden in the middle.

The main event of the day was afternoon tea - as it was Chie's birthday we decided we ought to push the boat out a bit, and go to the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge - Chie had heard very good things about the afternoon tea there. Luckily they weren't particularly busy today (maybe because it was a three day weekend?) so we were able to wander straight in without a reservation. It's the first time I've been to this hotel, and it is all rather grand inside. Afternoon tea is served in a little room at the back, which looks out over Hyde Park.

It was all rather exquisite - we started with a glass of champagne, and then the food was served on a traditional three tier stand, although they brought the scones separately so they were nice and warm. Everything was done to perfection - Chie raved about the crab sandwiches (which of course I couldn't comment on), and the scones were some of the best I've ever had, served with some extremely good clotted cream and a selection of very flavoursome jams. The teas were very good too - I had a very fragrant vanilla tea, and Chie had a very fruity mango tea which she liked a lot (I wasn't so keen myself...). All in all it was quite fabulous - the food was great, the service was faultless and the setting was very nice too - probably the best afternoon tea I've had in London.

We did end up rather stuffed though, and had to have a good constitutional around Hyde Park to try and walk it off a bit. We walked through the park back to South Kensington, and from there got the bus back to the flat.

We spent the rest of the day having a relaxing time back at the flat - I prepared us a very light Japanese supper (basically just rice, miso soup and a couple of side dishes), which we didn't feel up to eating until almost ten.

So, being as it's Sunday, it's time for the usual Weekly New Year's Resolution Status

1) Doing stuff in London. Bags of it! The whisky tasting on Tuesday, the karaoke on Saturday, and the museum / afternoon tea / park today.

2) Meeting old friends. Another resounding success here - Chie's old work friends plus Andy on Thursday, and then Gav, Leon, Stew et al yesterday.

3) Exercise bike. OK well a bit of a let down here. The consultant said on Monday this week that I should just do everything as normal - including exercise - but still I have been a bit hesitant to get on the bike in case I do myself an injustice. Plus it has been a very busy week satisfying the other two resolutions! Nonetheless, those are starting to sound like excuses, and so next week I must do better - at least some gentle cycling to start off with.

Comment 1


Posted by Lox at 2008/05/05 18:15:45.

Comment 2

I seem to have been forgotten in Resolution N.2 but I'll let it pass for this time.... :P

It seems that you have had a great Birthday! Mandarin Oriental is great for tea everywhere around the world, the last time I had tea there it was in Bangkok and I loved it!

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/05 18:18:07.

Comment 3

No Lox, you were mentioned at the end of the appropriate week:


Posted by John at 2008/05/06 10:35:11.

Comment 4

John: Ahhhhhh you are right!! Sorry I didn't see it...

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/06 19:05:51.

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