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Posted on 2008/05/04 22:45:50 (May 2008).

[Thursday 1st May]
Chie's friend Masako-san (who also used to work at the place Chie used to work at in Maidenhead) was visiting the UK this week, and tonight she was going to be in London to meet her friend Andy. I'd met Andy a couple of times before (a few years back now) and found him to be utterly hilarious, so Chie had managed to get us invited along for the evening as well. Even better a couple of Chie's other former colleagues - Mika-san and Akino-san (plus her boyfriend Tim) had also decided to tag along, so all in all it made for a fun crowd.

As a slight down side the venue chosen for the evening was Belgo Noord in Camden - having been to the sister restaurant in Covent Garden just a few days before (and realised I didn't actually like the food there) it wouldn't have been my first choice, but I suppose anything is better than wandering around fruitlessly trying to find a place that will please everyone (and has a table for 8 without a booking). It wasn't too bad in the end - I decided to just stick to beer and chips and not order one of the disappointing and overpriced mains at all. Although I later realised this was a bit stupid, as we just split the bill up equally and I ended up paying the same amount anyway. Ho, hum.

Still, quibbles about the food aside, the company was very pleasant indeed, Andy was highly entertaining as always, and it was a nice night out.

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