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Lazy Sunday

Posted on 2008/05/04 18:51:01 (May 2008).

[Sunday 27th April]
Rob and Kate were hung around at the flat until around lunchtime, allowing us to continue our chat from the previous evening, which inevitably it seems ended up on the subject of house prices etc. It seems nigh on impossible to engage in any conversation of late which doesn't wind up in that area.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes some time around 1. Chie spent the afternoon and early evening visiting friends in Maidenhead, so I had some time to myself which I wiled away with the usual brainless mixture of TV and fairly aimless tinkering on the computer.

Chie came back from Maidenhead in time for supper, and we had some Marks and Spencer lazy roast potatoes which I had bought yesterday on a whim. I am slightly embarassed to admit they were very nice indeed.

So, as it is the end of another week, here's the usual New Year's Resolution status summary:

1) Doing stuff in London - very good - Spamalot, plus the two nights out with people from work in the week.

2) Seeing old friends - a big tick in this box too thanks to yesterday's Spamalot excurison with Rob and Kate.

3) Exercise bike. Not so good here - still temporarily on hold whilst I await advice from the consultant on my hernia (will be going for a consultation tomorrow).

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