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Rob and Kate and Spamalot

Posted on 2008/05/04 13:00:42 (May 2008).

[Saturday 26th April]
Some time ago it had occurred to me how great it would be to go and see Spamalot again, but this time with my good friend and fellow Monty Python OQD* sufferer Dr. Robert Iain William Ecky Ecky Ecky Furtang Furtang Olé Biscuit Barrel Lang and his lovely wife Kate. As always with these things it took a while to arrange - it was a couple of months before I even got around to bringing the subject up with Rob, and then we had to find a date that was mutually acceptable with our busy social calendars etc. Anyway, all that planning finally came to fruition, and today was the day.

Rob and Kate came to our flat first for a quick spot of lunch, and a very brief but nonetheless extremely pleasant glass of Pimm's in the garden - the first of the season! We then jumped on the number 24 bus which took us into the West end. It's a jolly nice run.

So, Spamalot. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more second time round - quite a lot of the cast had changed since the previous time, including the addition of the bloke who used to play Jim Robinson in Neighbours as King Arthur, which was wonderfully surreal all by itself. I got the impression this cast hadn't been doing it for quite as long as the previous bunch, and they seemed to be enjoying it a lot more. It was of course also great to have a fellow Python nerd there with me, and I found Rob's frequent outbursts of laughter quite infectious (and wonderfully reminiscent of attending lectures together at university).

I suppose it was also helped by having had a couple of drinks first - the Pimm's before we left, and then a couple of fabulously overpriced theatre drinks during the performance - I hadn't realised last time that you could actually take drinks from the bar into the theatre.

After the show we headed over for a post-show drink at the Lamb and Flag, where we also met up with Chie (who hadn't been keen on the idea of seeing Spamalot for a second time). We then headed over to Yoshino for some sushi, before then heading back to the flat where the four of us wiled away the rest of the evening chatting over a few more glasses of Pimm's.

All round a thoroughly lovely day out.

* Obsessive Quoting Disorder.

Comment 1

I really wish I was there!!! It is because of you two (John and Rob) that I got to love Monty Pyton... Oh well, good to see that Rob and Kate are doing fine!!

Posted by Lox at 2008/05/05 18:13:29.

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